Recognise Our Products

Each product is handcrafted by us in our Studio based in Amsterdam.

This is how you recognise them!

ROEM - Leather

Our Leather

Our products are made of the finest cow leather (when not mentioned differently) and handcrafted by Anne & Jeroen in Amsterdam.

We buy remaining party’s of leather in wholesale stores. We trie to use as little leather as possible and try to use every piece we have.

Big pieces of leather are used to make the bigger products, after that smaller pieces of hide remain and are used to make smaller products. This is a sustainable way of using leather.

Leatherback Turtle

On the outer side of each Roem product a print of our Leatherback Turtle can be found, the only turtle with a leathery back instead of a shell.

The Leatherback Turtle is extremely unique, likes to travel and is a symbol for the unique Handcrafted Travel Products from Roem.


You can recognize our products by its logo which we stamp into the leather.

Roem is the label for Handcrafted Travel Products made by Studio Roem.


Almost every Roem product has a unique label. We brought these fabrics from the countries we travelled to.

In example: for the MANTA – Wallet we have used Batik fabrics from Indonesia.