Our Leather


Our products are made of high quality sustainable leather and are crafted by hand in our studio in Amsterdam.

Leather is one of the most sustainable natural materials. Cows are held for the milk or meat. The leather is obtained from the hides as a by-product. Products made of leather last for ages, never go out of style and even look better over time.

Respect for the material

We use remaining party’s of leather coming from Europe. We treat the leather with great respect and use it as efficient as possible.

Big pieces of leather are used to make the bigger products after that smaller pieces of hide remain and are used to make our smaller products. Less leather is wasted in this way.

Type of Leather

Mainly we use traditional tanned leather. In contrast to the process of natural tanned leather, less water is used.

The amount of chrome used in the traditional process is limited to a minimum and is not in proportion with the production of fabric for clothing. The tanning of leather is therefore less harmfull for nature. Traditionally tanned leather is strong, available in different colours, keeps his colour and is water-repellent.

Unique appearance

Our leather goods are made in series by hand. It can occur that one particular kind of leather runs out. When this happens we change to leather with the same characteristics and color.

Due to use of natural materials, individual imperfections can occur, they’re contributing to the character and appearance of our products. Each product is therefore unique.